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Spots of Seignosse, Hossegor, Capbreton.

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These 3 cities on the southwest coast of France are located with 10 kilometers ( 6 miles) of distance. The wavesthat break are ranked among the most beautiful sand waves in the world.

All these surfing spots have a common factor but endure different influences that allow a large variety of waves.

There are waves all year round. However, during the summer when the waves are small, the area around Seignosse is exposed to the swell. This enables us to surf almost every day.

During winter, Hossegor and Capbreton offer fallbackspots or accessiblebigwaves.

Common factors   :

All these spots have sans beds so it’s safe to walk or hit rocks. All these waves can break in right or left.

There are expose to the same winds which means off shore: east, southeast, northeast .

There undergo the same natural phenomenons ( wind, swell, tide, current) which cause sand movements.

The spots are thus in perpetual movements especially the winter.The names are those of beaches.

The temperature of water varies:

  • 19 °C (51.8 °F) to 25°Cin summer (June to September) ,
  • 11°C ( 66.2°F) to 14°C (77°F) in winter (December to march)

    Différences :

The coastline starts to turn at the Estagnots beach by passing a angle in comparison with the north of Seignosse and a 23° angle in comparison with Capbreton. Swell doesn’t arrive in the same direction on all of the beaches, therefore the breaking waves are different.

The “gouf de Capreton” being near is another factor which is a part of this coast, making the coast special for surfing. A sort of canyon which heavily gashes the coast, barely 2km from the coastline, it already reaches great depths. In the open sea, it is over 3000 meters deep although imperceptible on the surface. Thanks to this “gouf”, the swell is not slowed down by the sea beds when it arrives on the coast, the waves are therefore of greater quality.

In Capbreton, the presence of sea walls, especially those in the Capbreton wharf which are all the same ones than Hossegor’s marine lake will also cause changes in the sands movements and therefore on the waves.

25, Résidence de l'Atlantique
40510 Seignosse Océan le Penon
Tel : 06 76 66 76 08 / 05 58 43 22 69

Landes : Seignosse Hossegor Capbreton

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