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The start on a wave that has notbroken. Requires speed and timing in order to be on time at the rightplace, where the wavebegins to break. The difficulty will depend on the type of wave; the hollower the wave the quicker and more confident you‘ll have to be. You mustadapt to the waveincline by laying the board down flat. You must accept to set off in the wave, to feel the acceleration and the power of the ocean: one of the best sensations when surfing!!!

the turn at the bottom of the wave. Firstturn that we executeafter the takeoff, veryimportant because it gives the rhythm of the wave. You must assure a support in order to turn and then a reduction in weight to continue to surf on the wave. The hard part is to keep up the speed you have obtained when descending the wave.

the turn on the top of the wave. You must tip the board downwards so that you don’t lose it. The closer the roller gets to the wave breaker, the harder it is to control it.

functionarymove its purpose is to return to the breaking of the wave. Technical because you must assure two turns, one turn to come backand the other turn to get back in the right direction .

Used to go through a fastsection of the wave or a wave that is closing. You need to lay down the board on the lip of the wave and to floaton top aslongas sufficient speed allows you to before letting it bring you down again. This move becomes committed for wavesover2metres high (6’feet).

The grail of the surf. Formonebodywith the wave, berecoveredby the lip, surfinside the wave and manage to get out. Once you know how to follow a wave it is quitepossible to take a barrel but in general that requires good knowledge of waves and sufficient balance on theboard. An absolutely unique experience!!!

consists of diving the boardunder the wave in order to keep up speed when passing the bar. To achieve diving deep at the righttime are the keys to a successfulduckdive.

TRICKS (news moves)

variant of the cutback, you turn the board abruptly at once by pushingstrongly on the backwithoutskidding. A lot of splashes but be careful not loseall your speed.

variant o f the roller, consists of making the back of the board skid.Requires much speed.

360 :
to do a completerotationwith the boardon the wave. You needspeed and a goodtransfer of weightbetween the front and the back.

to surf the wavechanging the position of your feet. Instead of having the leftfoot in front (regular) you put the rightfoot. Same if you have the rightfoot in front (goofy) .

The waveis used as a springboard. Once in the air the number of movesdepends only on imagination.Besides,many figures carry the samenames that come from skateboarding or snowboarding ex: air grab one hand. One of the great air difficulties is to landin the wave and be able to continue to followher.



NOSE RIDING : consists to advance the farthestpossible on the nose of the boardwhilefollowing the wave.

HANG FIVE : to put a footon the endof the noseof the board .

HANG TEN : to put both feet on the end of the nose of the board .

PEARTREE : to do an headstand on the board .

SPINE : to do a 360 on yourself .

CHEATER FIVE : to surf crouched down on the front of the board .

COFFIN RIDE : the surfer is laying down onhisback.

IRON CROSS : with yourfeettogether and your arms spread out .

WALK ON THE BOARD : to walkontheboard, add some difficulty by crossing your legs .

BOUDDHA : surf in meditationposition of Buddha .

DEPART 180 : to takeoffwith your fins in front of you and do a 180° turn when descending .


These are just examples of a few figures; don’t hesitate to let yourself go create more!!!!

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