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Different sports to glide on water

Bodysurf : surf with your body
Bodyboard :
surf lying down on a small board
: surf kneeling down on board
Skimboard :
surf on a wooden board that you use near the beach
Longboard ; surf on a long board over 9’ long (more than 3 meters 9’)
Surf tandem : 2 people together on a long board

The vocabulary of waves

Spot : a spot where a surf able wave breaks
Set :
a series of bigger waves than those of an average day
Right wave :
breaker towards the right of the surfer, the opposite seen from the beach
Left wave :
breaker towards the left of the surfer.
Line up : spot where the surfer awaits a wave
Spot :
where waves have alreadybroken
Pickspot :
where the wave is beginning to break
Lip part :
of the wave that is breaking and thrown forwards
Shoulder :
part of the wave that has not yet broken
Barrel :
Inside of the wave
Section :
part of wave that breaks
Beach break :
wavebreaker on sand beds
Point break : wavebreaker in a bayformed by the coast
Reef break :
wavebreaker on a rock bed or of coral
Shore-break :
wave that is breakingdirectlyon the sand

The wind vocabulary

Off-shore : windcomingfrom the earth blower to waves the bestwind!!
One shore :
windcomingfrom the sea
Side shore :
Glassy :
nowind, seasmooth’s.

Different stands on the board

Regular : to surfwith the leftfoot in front
Goofy :
to surfwith the rightfoot in front
Backside :
to surfbackhas the wave
Frontside :
to surffacehas the wave

Some knowledge about the board

Shaper :
Shape :
generalform of the board
Shortboard :
Longboard :
tall board more than 9’
Malibu board :
relatively easy .8’ to 9’ long
Gun : board for big wave ,8’to 11’ long
Fish : small board for the small waves
Nose : front of the board
Tail : back of the board
Rail : edge of the board
Rocker : generalcurve of the boardsees in profile .
Wax : putiton if you don’twant to slide on the board
Leash : between the board and the surfer

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Tel : 06 76 66 76 08 / 05 58 43 22 69

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